“A Moment in Time” Reflections

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Moment in Time.”

“What was the last picture you took? Tell us the story behind it. (No story behind the photo? Make one up, or choose the last picture you took that had one.)”

I had gone by Prater’s Mill-one of the only Flour/Grist Mills that survived Sherman’s March to Atlanta. It is a lovely spot and the reflections on the water were lovely.

Calm reflections

Calm reflections

Daily Prompt: Enough is Enough

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Enough Is Enough.”

“When was the last time you were ready to throw in the proverbial towel? Did you end up letting go, or decided to fight on anyway?”

This has been a difficult year. There has been family issues, there have been health issues, mental health issues and spiritual issues. It has been difficult to not want to delete my blog because I have been unable to stay positive enough to not feel as though I was being a hypocrite in keeping a blog titled “Because I can…”. I have written about it from time to time and have been amazed by the support I have gotten from my followers. Support I appreciate with all of my heart.

As I was doing research on various topics, especially in race relations, gender/sexual identity. I became more and more angry, more and more sad because of the division and outright hatred displayed toward people. As I discussed these topics with people it became apparent many times that discussion is almost impossible and it seems that there is more of a desire to fan the flames of hate and intolerance. Where will all of this lead us? Nowhere good. Suicide was on my mind a couple of times during this year, but I made the decision to not give in.

I quit doing my school work and was going to allow myself to fail, but I just couldn’t do it. Anymore than I could quit living. Darn it!!! I have worked to hard to get to where I am. I have fought, clawed, crawled and cried my way to the point I am now. And it isn’t great, but it is much better than it has been in the past and I am very thankful for the blessings that I do have. My family, my friends, my husband and my God. So, I finished my schoolwork; I re licensed for my Respiratory Therapy License; I have managed to keep off the weight I lost, except for 5 lbs. I am going to study for my CAPM and my Six Sigma Black Belt, my RRT, begin exercising again and keep my blogging and writing. How can I do all that without being overwhelmed? LOL…have no idea. Just one step at a time. One process at a time.

So, yes, there are times that I have felt that Enough is Enough and I wanted to throw in the towel, but have decided to brush myself off again and stand up and keep going. Even though as I type this I feel exhausted. It doesn’t matter. Because I can do it.


Well things do not always go according to plan. I am still finishing up school. 20 more days. With the holidays and family stuff I have not been able to think straight. I hope all who celebrate the holidays have had a joyous season and will have a very happy New Year. I am not going to make a bunch of resolutions or promises about posting I may not be able to meet. But I can promise that I will continue to try to be better at posting. With all my heart I thank those have faith in me, have had faith in me. All my love and blessings to all of you.

Hopefully Back

I know it has been a long time since I have been back. I have missed reading up on all the wonderful and some not so wonderful lives and experiences of the people that have blessed me with their “follows”. I am looking forward to catching up. I still have one more heavy duty class, but it should be easier to manage.

I have had so many changes in the last couple of months. My stepdaughter moved in with her 10 month old baby. My daughter and her husband moved back in because they lost their jobs in layoffs, and my son has moved back in as well. The Inn is full. Luckily my daughter found work and hoping her husband hears something soon.

My son and I are both going to a job fair tomorrow. I am hoping to get my resume beefed up and get some interviews tomorrow as well. With so many people in the house extra income is needed. But, even with all the hectic run around and turbulence I am actually feeling somewhat content. All my little chicks back in the nest for a time and I am happy I can help out. Times are tough and they may get tougher. But I have my family, even with the troubles and irritations, family is what matters most, at least to me. And as long as I can help out I will.

Thank you to all of you who have begun following me, even when I wasn’t “home” and to all of those who have stuck around. Hugs and Love.


Taking some time off

I want to thank all of those that follow my blog for following me. I have gotten so much support and good will from so many people. I have “met” so many new and interesting people and learned so much from all of you. I am just going to take some time off from my blog to get my thoughts together and to catch up on school work. I am almost a month behind and I can’t seem to get myself organized enough to do everything. I think if I can catch up on the school work, work on my positive cognitive therapy for a bit I will be able to come back and fulfill my aspirations for myself, my writing and my blog. I have gotten stuck in a mire of self doubt and depression and need some time to get that sorted out. I am going to come out on the other side, I know it. I just have to focus on a few other things that I have been putting off to do so.

Happy thoughts, blessings and prayers to all of you.


Out of town

I just wanted to let my followers know that I am out of town and am trying to keep up, but it has been difficult. I am using my tablet, but it is taking some getting used to. I brought my grandson’s back home and it is a hard time as I already miss them so much. I am visiting with my sister and am getting to see my son which are both good things. I only get to see them once or twice a year.

I will be working on my books and other writing so I won’t be on much. I hope all those traveling have safe journeys. All those that are having a hard time due depression or addiction that you are in my thoughts and prayers. For those who live in countries experiencing violence and terror. I pray for your safety and that peace may be found. There are so many creative and talented people that I have met on this blog. I truly enjoy opening Word Press everyday and seeing what has been posted. To you I wish for your muse to give you inspiration.

Love and Peace to all of you.

How Do You Become an ISIS Terrorist?


I found this an insightful and reasoned post on this subject. These terrorists did not spring up over night. They were created.

Originally posted on Sweden and the Middle East Views:

ISIS or ISIL or IS – they are so creative in their name changings, I have to give them that – has startled the whole world it seems with their ambitious brutality. The Iraqi military just gave up their weapons and ran, despite the years and years of trainings from American experts, trying to compensate their invasion. The Kurdish Peshmerga tried to hold the fort but failed. But should we really have been so surprised?

I won’t discuss what a failure it is for Iraqi intelligence not to recognize the threat of ISIS, nor will I discuss the exclusion of minorities from the Iraqi government and the consequences it has had. This blog post will go back in time, and ask how these young men became ISIS terrorists in the first place.

How can a normal human being become attracted to such a merciless, murderous organization with no respect for…

View original 604 more words

Laney’s Legacy

Traces of the soul completed a story using this prompt from: Mindlovemiserysmenagerie Wordle 21

Write a poem or story using 10 of these words

  1. Delicate 2. Dirty 3. Legacy 4. Shrapnel 5. Gehenna (any place of extreme torment or suffering) 6. Douse 7. Hate 8. Syringe 9. Precipice 10. Hedonistic 11. Rot 12. Disintegrate

So, I thought I would give it a try.

Laney sat against the wall of her cell. Her blue eyes stared forward as her mind worked furiously to find a way out of this. Her delicate fingers wrapped around the dirty bars of her cell and her grip tightened as she realized how long she may have been there. She had been captured at least three days ago as she tried to get the box containing the medical supplies to her people. There was an outbreak of smallpox and she had been able to scrape enough money together for the vaccination kits they needed. How many had died? How many more were sick? She had to get out of there. They had left the box sitting on a table across the room from her. A slap in her face, a taunt of her failure.

Their people had been at war off and on since the great Cataclysm and the group of survivors had split into two camps. One on each side of the mountain. Her people had built a city, a new civilization. A legacy worth leaving to their young. They loved art and music and the gentleness of life and instilling the hope for the betterment of mankind. While the Others had chosen a hedonistic, savage way of life. Always teetering on the precipice of their own destruction. The rot from within their own society would soon cause it to disintegrate, but not before they attacked her ailing people and destroyed them. She listened to the celebration below. The celebration for the impending attack and destruction of her people. Her hate grew until it tasted like bile in her mouth. She felt as if she was in hell in Gehenna. Her tears flowed, leaving tracks of white bright against the dirt that remained.

She was not bad looking, there were those that thought she was beautiful. In the end that is what most likely kept her from being killed. She was to be saved for later. She combed her fingers through her tangled hair and loosened her shirt and unbuttoned several buttons. She took a little of the water she had left and wiped her face with the edge of her shirt. She called to the guard. It didn’t take long for him to come in. She knew he was angry because he had to stay and guard her instead of going to the celebration below. He approached the cell warily, but she could see the lust in his eyes. She adjusted the shirt a little more to show more of her breast. “The sounds of the celebration have…excited me. Come here and I will give you something special, something no one has ever had.” He licked his lips and approached the bars.

“Your going to have to open that door if you want me.” Laney said as she slipped the shirt down her shoulders and onto the floor. The guard fumbled for his keys and told her to kneel on the ground with her hands in front of her. She obeyed and the guard entered the cell. As he moved toward her, his breath ragged and his voice husky as he asked her to stand and face the wall. She stood, but just as he came behind her she grabbed his groin and twisted, bringing him to his knees. She kneed him in the face and then kicked him again in the head for good measure. She was glad they hadn’t taken her steel toed boots from her. She disarmed him, grabbed her shirt and threw it on. She locked the cell door behind her and placed the strap for carrying the medical package on her shoulder.

The celebration was going on full force. Sounds of moaning, yelling, laughing echoed in the halls. She slid out of the door and headed toward the exit and the stables. There were few guards. No one expected a mere woman to escape and there would be no attack from her city tonight. She saw barrels of oil or gas by the entrance. She opened the taps and let the liquid douse the ground. She crept to the corral and opened the gate and jumped onto the back of a horse as it ran though. She had ridden bareback her whole life and she was glad of it this night. She threw down a torch from the corral onto the oil and the fire sprang to life, blocking the entrance.

She heard shouts and gunfire, but she praised the powers that be she did nor her horse were hit. She didn’t think she let her breath out until she reached her city gates. She yelled out in despair at the quiet walls. Then the doors opened and Thomas motioned for her to quickly come inside. She kicked the horse forward and was pleased to see that there were less funerary fires than before. She wasn’t too late. “Is it controlled Thomas?”

“Yes Laney, but there are still sick. Did you get the Vaccine from Charleston?” He asked as he helped from the horse. “Yes Thomas. Have everyone meet me in medical that can be inoculated. They gave me another round of medicine for those that are sick already. They said it should work for them too.”  Laney walked into the medical bay and set up to prepare the first syringe. Perhaps their legacy would survive.