Walks in the woods

ImageOn a walk in Red Clay Park with my family last summer. I started taking pictures of all the various types of fungi and mushrooms that were growing around. I was fascinated by all the different types and colors. Purple, red, yellow, white and pink, white and yellow. Some small, some big. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of color and variety there is in nature. I wish human beings would take the time to appreciate what is around them. The beauty that can be found in a mushroom for example, or the bend of a tree. When I was walking this morning I tried hard to relax and just enjoy the walk. But, I have a goal in mind to finish the whole walking path, no matter what and to lose this weight that is causing me so much trouble. It is important to have goals and want to complete them, but It is just as important to enjoy the ride. It can be hard to do both. Especially when you find yourself at your wits end, in pain or in a financial hole that you don’t think you can get out of. But, at times like these it is vitally important to stand still for a moment, feel the sun on your face, allow the breeze to blow through your hair and smell the beginnings of spring in the air. It can lift the spirit and give you something to smile about even when you don’t think you can smile anymore.

One of my favorite sayings is “As the sun rises tomorrow there is hope for a better day.”

Daily Prompt: Something So Strong

My best friend ever is Linda Watford. We have been friends for over 13 years. We have cried together, laughed together and been mad at each other from time to time, as all best friends can do, but we have always made up. We met when I met my husband to be, John. He was living with her, her boyfriend and her children. We just started talking when ever I came over to see John. It seems kind of funny now…because I can’t remember a time when we just didn’t talk or it seemed as if she was ever a stranger. But, then that is Linda. She is a spitfire. A person with a genuine spirit and a drive to complete what she starts. From going to nursing school and finishing that to becoming a fledgling novelist. She has a can do attitude and I have always loved her for that. Even when she was down, she was never down for long. She came back up fighting. What keeps our friendship going after all these years? Understanding and accepting each other just as we are. Knowing that we will always be there for each other if we can. No matter what. She knows that she can show up on my doorstep and need anything I will do my best to get it for her. And I know if I needed help she would do what she could to help me. And we make each other laugh. Laughter always helps. She is funny as heck. Love ya Linda Lou!!