Because I can…

When I thought of this title for my blog it was meant to be a statement. It was meant to state that anything could be possible because I can do something or I can try. There are many situations that can prevent someone from accomplishing a goal or even setting goals. However, trying is key. Because I can try can often lead to Because I did. I am going to dedicate this blog to the social issues I encounter while volunteering at DocUp and eventually with other organizations. I want the “Because I can..” to be applicable to others who wish to succeed and change and promote the betterment of themselves and their society. Because “we” can do that. We can make positive changes and it starts with “Because I can..” Because one individual starts a program or volunteers to help with a program. Because they reach out their hand and take the time to give part of themselves for the greater good and then help others to get involved. That is what is important and why “Because I can..” is so important to me.


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Retired Navy Cardiovascular Technician/Respiratory Therapist. Wife, mother, grandmother.

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