A spring day

spring tree : Beautiful sakura tree with pink flowers against blue sky.

I was wondering as I took my walk today, shorter than usual, but still a walk. Why I love autumn so much better than the spring. It doesn’t make any sense as Spring really is so beautiful and the smells in the air are so wonderful. The redbuds and other trees that are shooting forth their blossoms of pink, green and white paint the landscape in brilliant color. It really is lovely to watch how nature comes to life and color the landscape. I stopped and allowed myself to feel the cool breeze and the warm sun on my face and listened to the noisy “quiet.” The dry rustle of the fall leaves are being replaced with the soft, velvet whisper of green leaves. I think everyone has a “feel” for certain seasons. There is beauty in every season and I think it is important to value the beauty of nature represented there. I just am not into the extreme hot and cold that can come with those seasons. What I do like about autumn are the colors and the cooler weather that allows me to really enjoy those walks I take in the woods and the scents are so intense and woody.

However, as I type this I am just grateful that there is still beautiful scenery to look at. That the sun still shines and the breeze still blows sweet fragrance from the trees and freshly mown grass.



Nutritional Site

For many people struggling with finances, eating sensibly and nutritionally is thrown out the window. People just think it is impossible to do And eating nutritionally can look like it is more expensive. But, the key is the fiber and complete nutrition in healthy food that makes it easier to eat less. This is a link to a young lady’s blog that I follow who is a nutritionist and gives some good advice about diet and exercise. http://stepheusebi.com. Hopefully you can get some good ideas on what to eat and how it can help you health wise.