Staying positive

It has been a difficult week to stay positive this week. I keep trying to remind myself of positive aspects of my life. When you create a blog called “Because you can..” I feel that you need to try to keep a positive tone. That is one of the primary reasons I created the blog was to help myself to create a positive feel and increase positive thinking in my life. It has helped a great deal. It has just been harder this week because the fibromyalgia and the pain I feel has been so intense. But, I have continued to be active, I have continued to try and watch what I eat. (Except for tonight I have to admit, but back on the wagon tomorrow)I got my husband to actually clean the closet. That was a task that needed done for awhile. I wanted to give away my size 14/16 clothes, but my husband and I talked and he said that I would do it. I can do it. It will take work and it will take effort. Effort I sometimes feel I don’t have to give. A 15 minute walk is better than no walk. That trying to do the whole 2 mile course is just as important as completing it some days. 

I just want people out there who read my blog to know that I understand there are down days and there are days that you don’t want to try or days that you don’t want to try. But, even if it is something as simple as opening the door and taking some deep breaths. That is something. It is because you can. It is because you can reach for that final thread and hold tight with all your might and then keep finding the threads and holding on and weaving them back into a thin rope, then a thicker rope. It can happen. A good thought, a calming thought, a thought of because I can do this will enter your mind and hopefully make you feel better. 


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    1. She needs to keep moving. Even when it hurts. And there are days that is almost impossible and I have to admit I have had those days and just not moved much. However, I do try and least sweep a floor or take the dog for a walk. It is important not to sit still too long, the stiffness just gets worse. Glucosamine Chonhydrate(sp) worked well for awhile. It probably still would, but I developed a seafood allergy. Most of the this combination comes from fish cartilage. She should try it. She can try limiting Carbohydrates and more of a Glycemic Index type of diet. I have been doing that and feeling better. UGGGHH…brain has just stopped working. She should also see if she has sleep apnea. I know that I developed that and it made the symptoms worse. Just some thoughts. I hope she can start to feel better soon. It will be a hard road and she will need all the support she can get. Support her, but don’t carry all the load for her. Keep her motivated. Even when she gets upset and says you don’t understand you can say “maybe not, but I know that lying still, eating the wrong foods, not working to stay positive will all make it worse and I am here to help you do that. EVen when you don’t want to.” I have a husband that does that for me and a very good friend. I have had more people that didn’t understand than did, but those who have been by me through this even when kicking my butt are the best.

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