Letter to my dream reader

Good Evening to my dream reader,

I wonder who you are, what interested you about my blog that would entice you to read it. Is it the catchy title, the tag line? It doesn’t really matter because you are here and you are reading what I have to say. My words offer comfort, my words offer you insight. The darkness that may be in your life becomes lighter and you may see steps in your path that you did not see before. When you read the stories and the poems that I write I hope that they make you laugh, make you think and maybe even cry at times. You understand how important it is to be heard and understood. You understand how someone can desire to emerge from the shadows and gain substance and light. You become a rallying point, a cheerleader and a supporter. 

And so dream reader, you become each person that reads my words and appreciates and knows and understands. My dream reader is you. 


Dinner and a movie

My favorite way to spend a Saturday night is a night out with my husband or my family. We all love movies and we all love to eat out. Although eating out is not as much of an option at this time due to finances, but we do like to rent movies if we can’t go see one. I love to spend time with my husband and my family more than I like to do anything else. Including a dinner and a movie thought, that is icing on the cake.