What Inspires me

This video and the message it conveys gives me hope and inspires me to look at the splinter in my own eye. I know that not all Islamists are terrorists, just as I know that all Jewish people are not “thieves”. Americans are now looked down upon as war mongering, capitalist, greedy, etc…and we know for many, if not most of us, that is not true. I wish we could all see each other as we are. Human beings with similar likes and dislikes. We love, we hate, we can be generous and compassionate. We hunger, we love our children. We all want to matter. We can be hard and unforgiving. But we are all human. There are few differences under the skin. There are those that would say “Well that is just not true. Look at Genetics.” Genetic differences do not make us less “human”. They are what make us human and unique unto ourselves. I tell people who are racist and use the “genetics” argument as a means of lowering another race to inferior and I tell them not to look too far into their own genetic closet. They may not like what they see. We all live on this Earth. We all are human. We can all look beyond differences to find similarities and hopefully by doing this find a way to Peace.



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Retired Navy Cardiovascular Technician/Respiratory Therapist. Wife, mother, grandmother.

2 thoughts on “What Inspires me”

  1. I am very blessed to live in Gibraltar. It is small, but with a population made up of a vast array of cultures, religions, and races, who all live in total harmony together.

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