The Age of Transition

I am reblogging this because it says so much of what I am feeling and thinking right now. A very good read.

Remind Your Mind

The Very Air is Alive with Change

You don’t need me to tell you that right now we are going through fundamental changes via the Earth, humanity, and the new levels of accessible information resultant of the evolution of the internet.

These changes transcend religion, race, nationality, and gender. They are manifest through the subjects of science, art, computer engineering, and any other discipline you can think of. Through the severe weather and climate changes occurring, worldwide discontent with the status quo, and gradual shift of power over to the masses.

The alterations in the fabric of our lives have been coming for quite some time, as those perceptible enough will have noticed. This millennium, and certainly century, is a turning point for the Earth. Theories vary on what is and will be happening, but the main concern is the change is real.

The Advantage of Distance

Realistically, we cannot…

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