Pink Honeysuckles

Pink Honeysuckles

I love honeysuckle and I just happened to see this small sprig of pink honeysuckle growing under a tree. It is so pretty and definitely a spring like flower.


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Retired Navy Cardiovascular Technician/Respiratory Therapist. Wife, mother, grandmother.

6 thoughts on “Pink Honeysuckles”

  1. I love the beauty of nature. I’m not surprised you would be drawn to this amazing flower. It’s like the universe throwing a sign of its awesome power at you.

    Pink is the universal color of unconditional love and nurturing. White is associated with innocence and purity. And Honeysuckles are connected around the world with varying themes of love and passion.

    How exciting you’ve somehow stumbled across the unconditional love of the universe!

    1. Thanks Alura! I hadn’t known about all of this concerning honeysuckles. But, it makes perfect sense. They have the most delicate, lovely scent. I can’t wait until my “Flame” honeysuckle blooms. Lovely scent.

  2. Blessed are the ones Pavanneh who can discern a bit of beauty in a maze of other things. Recognise the individual and intrinsic beauty and appreciate the unique beauty!

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