8 thoughts on “Life goes on”

  1. I took this picture earlier in the spring. I noticed the flowers on the branches closer to the ground and when I followed the branch upwards I could see that the tree was almost broken off half-way up. It just made me think of how life endures. How this tree, even though it was so damaged was still trying to sprout leaves and bloom. It spoke to me because sometimes, especially that day I was feeling broken and it helped me to realize that I can still keep trying and there will be blossoms and chance for growth in my life, just as there is for that tree.

  2. That’s called the spirit which are always inside us … we should keep trying as there is a saying that” everything happens for a good reason.” All the best .. have a great life…

  3. Thanks Maria. The picture didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked. My dog doesn’t like to stop and let me take photographs. He kept pulling at the leash. Especially since it was drizzling and he hates getting wet.

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