A prayer


These flowers had the most wonderful scent.

I saw this on a friends post in one of my email groups and I really liked it. It spoke to me of what I would like to do and to be.

Forever Oneness,
who sings to us in silence,
who teaches us through each other.
Guide my steps with strength and wisdom.
May I see the lessons as I walk,
honor the Purpose of all things.
Help me touch with respect,
always speak from behind my eyes.
Let me observe, not judge.
May I cause no harm,
and leave music and beauty after my visit.
When I return to forever
may the circle be closed
and the spiral be broader.
Β ~ Bee Lake ~



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Retired Navy Cardiovascular Technician/Respiratory Therapist. Wife, mother, grandmother.

17 thoughts on “A prayer”

    1. Thank you. I was hoping that it would turn out as well as it did. They were so pretty and the bushes lined the walkway and really sweetened the air.

      1. All of your pics are beautiful. I love nature, I love trees,flowers, squirrels, birds, insects (the ones that don’t attack)…all of it, I love….I don’t go outside much during the daytime, anymore, because there are too many onlookers, but at night….especially this week during the full moon….I stay out ALL NIGHT….just looking up.

  1. Reblogged this on Bob and Emily and commented:
    This really resonated with me. I am not a deeply religious person, coming as I do from a deeply divided family. But I found this beautiful, and hugely uplifting. So I wanted to share.

  2. That was lovely, doesn’t have any “religious” connotations to me, just respect and hopefulness for a good life, very peaceful feeling as I read it. Thank you for posting it.

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