Life goes on

Life goes on

Even though this tree is almost broken in half it was still blooming.

Sexism Alive and Well in America

I was reading a few posts on Facebook and came across this article. I think it is ironic and hypocritical that we criticize Muslims for how they treat women but our “standup” most likely Christian parents get away with this kind of behavior. A 17 year old girl was kicked out of her prom along with her friends that she came with because there were men in the balcony over looking the gym was “leering” at the girl and the adult “female chaperones” were upset about how apparently this girl had the audacity to be good looking (her dress was too short, though the girl made sure it was the length stated in the rules) and “cause” these men to behave badly. How sick is that? Not only do these “men/parents” not get into trouble for their own behavior, they are adults for crying out loud and this is a young girl.

These parents are horrible example to the children for their behavior. They are showing other young men how to disrespect women and demonstrating they have no self-control or dignity. And then these adult females are supporting their atrocious behavior by throwing out the girl?!!!! What kind of example is that for young females? I teach my granddaughter to dress with class and style. I don’t really have to stress that, it is how she prefers to dress. She does have some shorter skirts, but wears leggings or shorts under the skirt. This is because I am trying to teach her that she should be noticed for who she is, not what physical assets she has. She is a beautiful girl. I have still seen “adult” men looking at her like she is a piece of meat. My husband had to threaten one guy because he was following her and looking at her butt. She is 14!. That isn’t her fault! It is that man’s for having no self-control.

I think it is one of the most important things we can teach our sons and daughters. Respect for themselves and others. That it is not respectful to look at or treat either sex as if they are only a sex object.

Just my two cents.

Urbanna, Va The Little Town That Could Have

In 1983 I visited a little town on the North tip of the Chesapeake Bay. The little town was founded in 1650 and was one of the original and longest lasting of the towns. It is also a perfect example of what happens to a town when you refuse to change and you “wall” yourselves away and refuse to make sustainable growth because you want to keep it “just the way it has always been”. I fell in love with that little town. It felt like home the moment I stepped into it. There was something about it. My father, Step-mother and grandmother moved there first and I was visiting them. I moved there later with my then husband and daughter. I still loved it and missed it when I had to leave. And was so happy to move back in 2003. I lived in the house my father built for my grandmother for 7 years. Then disaster happened and we had to move out of that house and into a house in town. That house was built in the 1600’s with additions built in the 1700’s and 1800’s. Lewis of Lewis and Clark lived there before starting his journey with Clark. It is beautiful and situated right on the water. The main street is picturesque and hosts art and craft fairs and there is one large festival once a year. “The Oyster Festival.” They used to use their own Oysters from the bay, but overfishing and pollution has stopped that. Although there is a movement to pay people to “grow” oysters off their docks and then transplant them.

My husband was just talking to someone that is now moving away from the town. They were long time residents and supporters of the Volunteer Fire Department in town. This person said the Fire Department and Rescue Squad are just about “defunct” because there are no volunteers. There is no one left that is young enough to volunteer, or very few people. It is also sad because they have sold their home to a developer that has been going around and buying up all the properties in the town to turn them into vacation homes.

The town won’t be a town anymore in any real sense of the word. There will be strangers that summer there and people who do not care about the schools or supporting the fire department or other volunteer services because they don’t live there. They have no real investment in the area. All because residents refused to allow business and reasonable and sustainable development. There is no tax base to support the schools and other services and older people that moved there don’t want to raise taxes or pay more money to support the schools and other services “because we already have done that in our lives.” They wanted to move to a retirement community, that wasn’t a retirement community. There are no young people around there anymore. There are few children. The schools have trouble staying open. The median age of the area is 65. And the majority of people that own property have had families in the county and town for over a century. They don’t want to bring in “come here’s”. They can see their small towns dying and still refuse to do anything to attract businesses that could sustain the area and attract a  younger crowd.

It is a fact that there were several businesses that could have come to the area but were shut down because they “could bring undesirables” to the area. One of them was a hospital, the other a community college. Even Target was shot down. If they could have brought these into the town they could have attracted younger families and increased the tax base and survived what is coming. The eventual deaths of these long term property owners and the selling of their property to investors who are not going to care what happens to the town and the heritage of the area.

It is difficult to see this happen. It is difficult to see a town that I cared so much about falling apart. Some say we ran away. Perhaps we should have stayed and tried to fight the good fight, but it was so easy to see that as long as the majority refused to do anything about the problems nothing was going to change. Anytime changes that needed to be made were brought up they were voted down. Both by the town council and the County Board of Supervisors. There was a 96 year old woman who was still complaining about the loss of the corn field in town that became the Methodist Church over 40 years ago. That is the mentality of so many there. And because of that mentality the town will die right along with the residents that are still there. I want to ask them if this is the legacy that they wanted to leave behind? Why couldn’t they have opened their eyes and seen that there was a greater legacy to leave behind? If they had attracted younger families and children then the town would have survived and gone on long after them. If the tax base had been increased and been sustainable with stable industries they would not be having the problems they have now.

A town is a living entity and I can relate what is happening with people in general. If we refuse to grow and create new experiences how can we expect to survive? What kind of legacy do we leave for those that come after us? I know we can. If we open ourselves to creativity, to caring for not just what we want, but what is good for all there is no limit to what we can do and the legacy we can leave behind.

Blogging 101 Day Thirty Thanks to Everyone!

Blogging 101 has been one of the best experiences I have ever had. I have met such wonderful people and read such wonderful stories. There are so many talented people in this world. I am still working on several of the steps such as Blog Roll and adding pages and having posts go to those pages. But, I will get there.

The support I have gotten from all of the people that are following me over 100 and 190 followers on Facebook. I never thought I would get that many. I started this blog to help tell my story. To help others with support and to inspire others that if they believe that they can, they will. I have been inspired too and on days where I have felt that this whole blogging thing isn’t working out I have received support and inspiration to continue from others, either directly or with their stories. I look forward to following them and reading their stories.

The following are people that have given me the greatest support and inspiration:

The Witch: She has injected such humor and tells her stories in such a great way. I love to read them. Maria’s stories and photographs are amazing. She has been a wonderful support and have truly enjoyed getting to know her.

Exploring Alura: I have enjoyed her stories and she has given me inspiration as well.

lovehappynotes; She has a wonderful talent for photography and for writing. She has given me support and was very understanding with a mistake I made. I truly appreciated her for that.

Meredith: She is a wonderful writer and another of my great supporters. I look forward to reading more of her stories.

Athena of Athens: Her journey is just beginning and I hope that I can be a help to her as she continues to grow.

Don Charisma. He was my first follower. I enjoy reading his reviews and his take on life.

There are so many people I could have a huge list of people over the month that have contributed to my blog, my life. They have injected humor, thought provoking poetry and photography, advice and support. I wish I could name them all. There are some I have missed I know it.


Am I just a cracked pot?

A fellow blogger posted this and I thought it would be a great reblog for me. It really says a lot of what I have been trying to reinforce to myself the last few days.

The happy Quitter!

JulyArt2010 058

It’s going to be 2 weeks tomorrow ! Smoke-free since 14 days! I learn more and more about my addiction to Nicotine, some things I read are eye-opening, other articles raise more questions. If Nicotine is addictive, that makes me an addict? If I am an addict, can stay smoke-free? That’s hard to swallow. I always thought about myself as a smoker, I never looked at myself as being an addict. That’s makes me damaged good doesn’t it? What if I am damaged beyond repair?

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