“Christian Persecution in America”

This is a great poem and it really speaks the truth.

Miscellaneous Inanities

-This poem is not an attack on Christians but rather a critique of those complaining of persecution while living in one of the safest places on Earth for members of their religion.

“Persecution has become the rule of modern times—
We face declining freedom,” Pastor chimes.
But name a president who’s slandered God,
And find a place where Christians bear the rod,
where on the streets a person glances down
No church is filled with nearly half the town.
The lost majorities that you often mourn
Are rearing children who are Christians born.
While people’s blood in other lands is spilled,
You’re free of any fear of being killed.
Unless your kind is hearing threats of death,
Those false complaints are only wastes of breath.
You’ve been less wronged than you’ve supposed
Because no view exists that’s not opposed.

A sonnet by Paul Burgess

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Drops of mist


On silken strands jewels of water suspended

Images captured, in time suspended

Silent mists remind me of days now ended

Not sure if this is even a real poem per se, but just something that came to mind when I was posting this photograph. The air was heavy with mist and as I was walking by the tennis courts in the part the spider webs in the spaces of the fence were covered in dew drops. They were like jeweled lace. I loved how the drops of water were suspended like jewels on a silken string.




Daily Post Photo Challenge: Room


This is the kitchen in the last house we lived in in Urbanna, Virginia. The main part of the house was built in the late 1600’s with parts being added on during the years, the kitchen being the newest of the renovations. It was originally constructed in the 1800’s. Lewis of the Lewis and Clark expedition lived there until he left for his famous trip to Oregon. I loved this kitchen. It was huge with a space big enough to put the dining room table with both leaves and 12 chairs. There wasn’t much cabinet space, but I didn’t care. The first thing I brought in the house was the small painting you see hanging on the chimney. It just seemed to fit. It was bright and cheerful. I could sit in that room and look out the windows to the inlet of the bay. You could be quiet there.

I could imagine the comings and goings through the centuries in that house. The holiday dinners, the family gatherings. The well worn stairs, the floors with the notches and scrapes from furniture and shoes walking through thresholds. All of it just added to the charm.

Gone with the Windfall Daily Prompt

“You just inherited $1,000,000 from an aunt you didn’t even know existed. What’s the first thing you buy (or otherwise use the money for)?”

The first thing I would do is pay off all of my house, student loans, car and other bills. Pay 10% to a charity or charities, if we don’t belong to a Church. Most likely it would be charities that help start businesses in poor area, support foster care, animals and the environment. The second thing I would do is to pay back anyone that has helped me in my life if I can find them all. Any remaining money would be put into a savings account and trust funds for my grandchildren. And I would help out my family members with paying some of their bills. Especially my In-laws as they have done so much for us. I know I could not sleep well if I did not try to give back for the help that I have gotten by helping others and paying what I owe.

We Are So Afraid to Appear Negative That We Forget what it’s like to be Human

I have had this happen to me before. The situation was horrible and I just started laughing. I and everyone around me thought I was crazy. I felt horrible and it is a nightmare I still have sometimes.


Today I laughed inside my head while my face expressed sympathy and the words coming out expressed concern.  Nothing serious happened to this person. What I felt was Schadenfreude.


( “ohhh, realyyyyy?”)

Schadenfreude is a German word for pleasure derived from another person’s misfortune. We all feel it and either repress it, push it away or make it personal. We all know that this tendency is not admirable so we hide it. However, when we hide these things not only from others, but from ourselves, we hide a flaw that is inherent in us as humans. We all like to believe that only bad people do and think bad things and that good people do every so often, but must feel guilty about it. Schadenfreude is part of who we are. It is the reason we laugh. We must not indulge in it, but we also must accept it. Who…

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Very Inspiring Blogger Award-Such wonderful support!


When I was going through the Wild Habitat at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA I saw the Bald Eagles they have saved and rehabbed but can no longer fly. This particular Eagle’s story just inspired me and reminded me that even though he can no longer fly he is still beautiful and a strong image of God’s power of creation. Even though so many of us are broken and maybe we will never fly as before, we are still beautiful and purposeful creatures able to inspire with our existence.

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Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Thank you to all the lovely ladies who have nominated me for this award. I was out sick for a bit and fell behind so I am going to write one post. I can’t thank those that follow me enough for their inspiration, support and wonderful stories. They help to keep me going as much as I hope I help them. Love and blessings to you all.

http://inkriched.com/2014/06/03/on-awards-and-self-indulgence. Thank you Nida for your nomination. I love reading your stories. Your creativity and insight is truly inspiring to me.

http://karunapoole.wordpress.com. Karuna, your spiritual journey is truly inspiring as well and has awakened a desire in me to explore this avenue of my life again.

http://remindyourmind.wordpress.com. Liz, I have not been able to read as much of your work as I would like and am making sure I do this. Your “About Me” section really spoke to me. Thank you so much for your nomination.

http://triumphantwings.wordpress.com. Nicole, your journey through this illness will only make your spirit stronger. And it is already a strong spirit. Thank you so much for following me and nominating me for this award.


1. I am a grandma of four wonderful children.

2. I have a wonderful and supportive husband I love.

3. I believe education, science and logic are perfectly compatible with a spiritual life.

4. I love science fiction and fantasy.

5. I wish I could have been an actress. I am putting it on my bucket list to try acting again. You are never to old to play a part-well, admittedly I might have problems playing the part of a 20 something. Nah…I will just look old for my age.

6. I love history and believe by fully accepting the past for what it was and learning from it, not living in it, we can move on to greater things.

7. I am continually working at “becoming more”.











I know there needs to be 15 and I think I have 6 to go. I will work on these some more. There are so many people that inspire me to do more. To care more, write more, photograph more. So much talent and so little time. 😀

No country for young women: Honour crimes and infanticide in Ireland

A very powerful post. This is a story that needs telling as often as possible.

Feminist Ire


When I was in first year in secondary school in 1997, a girl in the year above me was pregnant. She was 14. The only people who I ever heard say anything negative about her were a group of older girls who wore their tiny feet “pro-life” pins on their uniforms with pride. They slagged her behind her back, and said she would be a bad mother. They positioned themselves as the morally superior ones who cared for the baby, but not the unmarried mother. They are the remnants of an Ireland, a quasi-clerical fascist state, that we’d like to believe is in the past, but still lingers on.

The news broke last week of a septic tank filled with the remains of 796 children and babies in Galway. The remains were accumulated from the years 1925 to 1961 and a common cause of death was malnutrition and preventable disease…

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