The Daily Post: Writing Space

Where do you do your best writing? That is the question for this particular post. I do my best writing at my desk. It took a few weeks to figure out the best place for me to put my desk and have the right “feeling” in my space. I am a big proponent of Feng Shui and the placement of furniture and colors in a room to get the best flow of energy.

I have found I need background noise, preferably noise that I don’t really want to pay attention to. I like Sponge Bob as a cartoon and occasionally watch it, but it was my primary back ground noise when I was studying for school. The inane background noise was perfect because it provided something in the background, but really didn’t inspire enough interest to take me away from studying or writing papers.

I have tried music in the background and there is some music, like Mozart, that I can study to, but for the most part I don’t seem to be able to do that. I have tried writing in cafe’s, restaurants and libraries and I have never found the ambiance I needed to spark my creativity. So, I sit at my desk and write.

I do get inspired on walks and am learning how to use my phone to record ideas that I have and conversations my characters have that I will write down later. I am still getting in the habit of that though. I have a couple of recordings that I still have not listened to.

So, my writing space is my desk, in my dining room by the sliding glass doors to the porch. I can look outside at nature and still be “involved” in the activities going on around the house. Perhaps when I finally get my mind set to write consistently I will find I need to change my location again, but for now. This works well.


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Retired Navy Cardiovascular Technician/Respiratory Therapist. Wife, mother, grandmother.

3 thoughts on “The Daily Post: Writing Space”

  1. Hi there Pavanne,
    Your comments about the background noise are interesting. These days I seem to fluctuate between wanting absolute silence and taking my laptop downstairs and tapping away either in front of the TV or, as I am now, at the dining room table with the radio going. It seems to depend on the concentration and creative energy required. But one thing is for sure, Mozart is always good. What’s your favourite? Mine is the clarinet concerto.

  2. I write when the urge to write gets unbeatable. Then it doesn’t matter where I am placed. Words just gush out as if they are living beings. And completing a write up is a great high!

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