Why I adore Kalki Koechlin!

Amazing videos and amazing woman.

Regular Indian Girl!

Ok before I write about the above, I’d want to spell out why I write under the tag of feminism: That is to find people like me and help others find me because “humanism” is not something people would look for. But to me, feminism is humanism, just a concept that women are people. And people have hearts and dreams and hopes and aspirations and choices.

Now, Kalki. Why I love her? Because she is everything that I can relate to. Because mostly, I have seen her dressed up casually, like normal women do. And because she carries herself like normal people and not like a perfect flawless celebrity. And because sometimes she stutters while answering an interviewers questions. And because she sits cross-legged. And because she is frank is accepting her shortcomings. And because she herself relates to women in general. And oh boy, she writes so fluently and…

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