Its time to Bring Back Our Girls, together we!

As people begin to “forget” about these girls because of the continual violence perpetrated by this group it is necessary to keep reminding people that most of them are still out there. Hopefully alive. Just wanted to put this out there on my blog to remind people to keep them and the people of Nigeria in your prayers.

The Human Lens

#bringbackourgirls, a global campaign demanding the immediate release of over 200 kidnapped school girls that were taken away from the Chibok secondary school in northern Nigeria by the militant group; Boko Haram.

The Nigerian government and world powers have been slow in taking action for the recovery of the girls. And once again, its time for human rights defenders and common people to pressure these stake holders. Let’s engage our solidarity to stand together in this very crucial movement to #bringbackourgirls.

As many human rights groups have come together in these past days, I urge you to please  take action NOW. One way to go about it is by doing this work  keeping the Nigerian people’s dignity and democracy in tact. The mission is simple: #bringbackourgirls, NOW.

We don’t need war, we don’t need military bravado, imperialism or political agendas, we need restorative justice and long-term solutions that are…

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2 thoughts on “Its time to Bring Back Our Girls, together we!”

  1. You are right. With so much death and destruction going around, its easy to feel indifferent or used to it all. These reminders are necessary!

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