When do you know when to let it go.

I have been thinking a lot lately about knowing when to move on. When is it okay to stop punishing yourself for things in the past and let them go? Or do you need to keep the memories and allow them to lash your mind and your soul in punishment forever?

I have always found it hard to let go of mistakes I have made in the past. Especially ones that have hurt another person, ones that hurt my family. As I have been working on family issues, memories of mistakes I made have been playing in my head. Sadness and regret have been overwhelming me the last few days. I need to move forward and I can’t because of the ties to the past. I have stated to others that they hold the chains that hold them back with their own hands. And it is true.

Horrible things happen to people all the time. People do horrible things to each other all the time. It is how we respond which makes the difference in whether good or bad comes out of it in the long. This post probably makes it sound like I am some heartless person who hurts others. It isn’t that. I get no pleasure out of hurting others and certainly none from hurting myself. However, I do not want to forget what happens to others when you hurt them. I want to take responsibility and own the things I have done in my past. I want to grow from them and not repeat them. I want to be stronger and kinder.

When do you know when to let go? When the pain no longer teaches you or makes you stronger. When the chains just weigh you down and make you tired and defeated and keep your feet planted firmly in the past. Making it hard for you to move forward and forward is where you need to go. Does it make what happened in the past go away or justify it? No. But, you cannot accomplish anything, you cannot grow if you stand in one place.


Respect Your Personal Growth and Value Your Presence

Excellent read and really needed this today. 😀

Don’t ever feel left out
Where you are is where you belong
Your presence is better off where it is valued
Never mold yourself to the expectation of others
Don’t betray the one person who is always there for you
Don’t betray yourself
Humans are hard wired to fit shapes into it’s respective holes
Like the game all toddlers play
But the real world doesn’t always work that way
You belong where you are valued and with personal growth your value is forever evolving
Keep evolving
Respect your personal growth and value your presence

Value Your Presence


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15 children who know how to take pictures with monuments

This post made me smile. Some beautiful moments.


We always think that our children are very sincere and balanced, but when go outside with them even in park, mall, relative home  or any public place, They show their feelings exactly when this would be desirable, it does not matter whether it’s a man, toy, animal or even a monument – a child never hesitate to come and share their emotions, hug and even kiss! And this turns out pretty cute, touching and funny pictures. This is upcoming extra-ordinary generation.

15 children who know how to take pictures with monuments

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A Message To The Church of The Hurting

I really liked what he has to say. There are times when I see myself as a vase that has so many cracks in it that it can barely hold water much less hold it’s shape. But, I keep filling the cracks and the holes with the help of the Lord and with often the help of those around me and most of all with the help of myself. As long as I wake up and stand up, even though it may be shaky. I make the glue stronger and the fractures a little less.

john pavlovitz

Everyone you meet is broken.

Whether you realize it or not, every single day you rub shoulders with people in great pain.

They are among the growing multitude of walking wounded in your midst, many presently laboring as they try to take that most excruciating of steps: the next one.

Most of them don’t wear their damage so that it can be easily seen, though. To be vulnerable like that is to risk further injury, and so they gradually learn to conceal and cover the tender, throbbing, torn-up parts of themselves from others. Though they surely suffer in the solitude and silence, at least there they find some illusion of control, some measure of safety.

And if you aren’t really looking closely as they cross your path, you might likely mistake them for the confident, together, secure, unaffected people that they so desperately want to be seen as. You might well be fooled by their carefully crafted veneers of success…

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Dear Teenager,

I am going to have my granddaughter and my grandsons read this. I hope it speaks to them as much as it did to me.

john pavlovitz


Dear Teenager,

I’m really hoping this reaches you.

Maybe you’ll come across it in your social media travels, or someone will tag you next week or send it to you months from now.

Whenever it gets there I hope the timing is perfect.

These words are ones that someone close to you would probably really like to share with you, but maybe they haven’t found quite find the right time or just the right way. That happens to all of us sometimes.

Maybe they’ve tried, but you weren’t really able to hear them because there is so much baggage between you in the way and their voice is just white noise to your ears. It’s easy to tune out those close to us.

Or maybe these are words that someone should have said to you a long time ago but never have. For that, I am so sorry.

Either way, let me say them…

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