Dear Teenager,

I am going to have my granddaughter and my grandsons read this. I hope it speaks to them as much as it did to me.

john pavlovitz


Dear Teenager,

I’m really hoping this reaches you.

Maybe you’ll come across it in your social media travels, or someone will tag you next week or send it to you months from now.

Whenever it gets there I hope the timing is perfect.

These words are ones that someone close to you would probably really like to share with you, but maybe they haven’t found quite find the right time or just the right way. That happens to all of us sometimes.

Maybe they’ve tried, but you weren’t really able to hear them because there is so much baggage between you in the way and their voice is just white noise to your ears. It’s easy to tune out those close to us.

Or maybe these are words that someone should have said to you a long time ago but never have. For that, I am so sorry.

Either way, let me say them…

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Retired Navy Cardiovascular Technician/Respiratory Therapist. Wife, mother, grandmother.

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