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I have been very hard hearted concerning the refugees. It is difficult not to be when there are so many in this world that struggle every day just to eat and now must watch people come from another country and be given food, clothing and a place to sleep. It is frightening to know that in among these desperate people are people just as desperate to do us harm and have no problem doing so. And yet…what do we do? Do we shut the door on these people, do we make them go home to die? Or do we open our hearts and our home to them? Give them a place to rest their head and recover from their pain. If we show them compassion and kindness; if we work very hard to show what is the best of us isn’t that the better path? We need to show as much compassion to the poor and hungry in our own country as well. This whole experience should help us learn how to open our hearts and minds. I am ashamed at the fear and anger I have shown. I still know that I would fight anyone who intends harm to me or my family or to those that cannot defend themselves. However, I do believe as a Christian we need to help them. We need to show them charity and kindness, but with caution. You can do both. This story is so sad, but it was a realization as well.

A Momma's View

I’d like to tell you a story I’ve recently read and ask you how you feel. Please read and let me know.


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