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So much of what was written here spoke to me today. I was thinking today that the physical setbacks that I have had may be the Lord’s way of rebuking me for my lack of empathy lately. I had gotten prideful in the way I have handled my illness and not sympathetic towards others who cannot handle the pain as well. All of us are different and have different levels of tolerance. I need to remember that. I need to remember how easily things can go badly, sometimes overnight. My pain has been making me angry and resentful. But, I am working now around people who are suffering more than I am. That keep going even in the face of grief, loss, and pain. Many of these people are maintaining their humor and a good outlook on life. Those that are not, who I am to judge them. I don’t know all that they have suffered or experienced. I need to remember that and treat everyone with the compassion and respect they deserve. Not that I have not, but I have not always felt so charitable. What I feel and what I express are two different things. I need to feel what I portray. Or I betray myself. I can only hope that people will continue to do this for me. I have been so fortunate in the friends and coworkers I have who have stepped up to support me. May I find the path I need to show the grace of the lord, and be a representative of his message for peace and love.

See, there's this thing called biology...

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Today I feel compelled to clarify something regarding  my campaign against the wrath-mongers of Christianity. With all good humor here, and as gently as I can, but sheesh some people are like, No, you’ll pry the wrath of God out of my cold, dead hands….

The very thought kind of freaks some people out. I feel a bit like an evil mom just trying to wash a kid’s disgusting, sour milk encrusted security, blanket. Like chill out people, you can have your Godly wrath back right after I’ve washed it clean. Promise!

What is a wrath-monger? Somebody who traffics in the wrath of God, somebody selling fear, power, and control as a way to force conformity and terrorize people into compliance. You see this sometimes in street preachers, although not all, some are very cool, some are simply awesome. But the guy screaming about hell…

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