Sad Halloween

I started writing this October 2019 and just now have gotten back to finish it. I have been so sad the last 4 Halloweens. There have been fewer and fewer children going door to door because people feel it is not safe anymore. The sense of community is gone. The times of knowing your neighbors, block parties and just enjoying each other’s company has dissipated over time like a mist in the heat of summer.

We used to have fun. We used to laugh. We used to hug and never be afraid to say what needed to be said. We walk on tip toes over broken glass just so we don’t offend, and we numb our brains with mediocrity. No discussion, no debate. People used to be able to argue and still think, used to be able to discuss and disagree, but understand there are different viewpoints, and we need to learn from each other. Now it is all uniform, monochromatic colors and dialogue. You must stay in the lines; you must always agree and how dare you think differently from me.

I hope to see the days again where we talked and walked with each other. Helped raise each other’s children. Laughed and learned with and from each other. Maybe someday it will happen again.