Daily Prompt: Something So Strong

My best friend ever is Linda Watford. We have been friends for over 13 years. We have cried together, laughed together and been mad at each other from time to time, as all best friends can do, but we have always made up. We met when I met my husband to be, John. He was living with her, her boyfriend and her children. We just started talking when ever I came over to see John. It seems kind of funny now…because I can’t remember a time when we just didn’t talk or it seemed as if she was ever a stranger. But, then that is Linda. She is a spitfire. A person with a genuine spirit and a drive to complete what she starts. From going to nursing school and finishing that to becoming a fledgling novelist. She has a can do attitude and I have always loved her for that. Even when she was down, she was never down for long. She came back up fighting. What keeps our friendship going after all these years? Understanding and accepting each other just as we are. Knowing that we will always be there for each other if we can. No matter what. She knows that she can show up on my doorstep and need anything I will do my best to get it for her. And I know if I needed help she would do what she could to help me. And we make each other laugh. Laughter always helps. She is funny as heck. Love ya Linda Lou!!


Because I can…

When I thought of this title for my blog it was meant to be a statement. It was meant to state that anything could be possible because I can do something or I can try. There are many situations that can prevent someone from accomplishing a goal or even setting goals. However, trying is key. Because I can try can often lead to Because I did. I am going to dedicate this blog to the social issues I encounter while volunteering at DocUp and eventually with other organizations. I want the “Because I can..” to be applicable to others who wish to succeed and change and promote the betterment of themselves and their society. Because “we” can do that. We can make positive changes and it starts with “Because I can..” Because one individual starts a program or volunteers to help with a program. Because they reach out their hand and take the time to give part of themselves for the greater good and then help others to get involved. That is what is important and why “Because I can..” is so important to me.


I have started volunteering for an organization called DocUp.
This is a church sponsored group that helps people financially if they can with rent and utilities. It is a much needed nonprofit organization that works in cooperation with other nonprofits in the area. Nonprofit organizations that work in the area need one thing more than anything else and that is volunteers.

I have found that one thing that was missing in my life was purpose. It is important not just to me, but many people to make a difference in their life. Not just for themselves, but for others. It is said too often that people have become self-centered and selfish. I don’t think that it necessarily the case, but that we have lost sight of the purpose in our lives. It is difficult to make time to volunteer when you are trying to work and put food on the table and keep a roof over your family’s heads. If you are retired, disabled or any number of other reasons or conditions, finding time to volunteer or even knowing how you can help when you feel you need the help yourself can be daunting. But, there are many ways to help.

Try calling some of the community outreach programs in your area or look at your church bulletin. They will be able to tell you what programs are in need of help, how to contact them and even give you ideas on how you can help. There is plenty that can be done in a small amount of time.

I have volunteered for projects and with community outreach before. But, have to admit that as time went on and for several reasons it became harder for me to want to get back into the world and I began to believe that I had nothing left to offer that anyone would want. That isn’t true. I have a lifetime of experience, education and knowledge that I can give to any organization that would like my help. And I know I can still make a difference.

Walking in the mist

Lovely woods
Lovely woods

It was a beautiful morning to go walking. I have been trying to get myself in shape and lose this weight that I am carrying around, 100 lbs too much weight physically, and even more emotionally. I keep trying to remember all of the quotes and sayings that people say to help keep a person motivated. The simple “You can do it” to “Be the change you wish to see in this world.” by Ghandi is another one that I seem to use as my mantra. I have allowed myself to become so bogged down and negativity with the “I can’t” or “I just am…” (Fill in the blanks with just about any excuse) that I have stopped moving forward. Since hitting the 52 year old mark I let myself begin to think of myself as old. I am not old. I am just starting to get into the middle of the middle years. I have time left and I need to use it.  To get in shape either emotionally or physically a person needs to move forward. Just getting up and dusting, cleaning the house, gardening and just walking are great ways to start physically and reminding yourself that you are worth the time and the effort of finding joyful and satisfying activities are beginning steps to losing that emotional weight.

As I walked this morning, the cool mist in the air was so refreshing and carried the smell of the woods and the fields that surround the walking trails. As I walked past one particular area the scent of the woods was so strong and sweet. It brought joy to my heart as I remembered being a little girl and running through the woods and salt marshes by our house. Especially on foggy or misty mornings when there was just enough chill in the air to let you know fall was coming or already there and carried the scent of the ocean mixed with the scent of the fall woods in the air. The leaves on the trees are finally starting to fully color and the sun rising and shining it’s light on the leaves of the trees was beautiful and brought back memories of those New England woods.  I closed my eyes and just took in the scents and warmth of the sun and the good memories of days well spent.

Learn from yest…

Learn from yesterday, Live for today, Hope for tomorrow.”..Albert Einstein

When I saw this quote it really spoke to me. It is so similar to something my grandmother used to say to me all the time and something that I didn’t really understand until I was older and had too many regrets. “Live your life today so that you will have no regrets tomorrow.” The saying is timeless and applies to life no matter your age, gender, culture or religion.