Daily Prompt: Because the Night


Are you a night owl or are you the early bird? What’s your most productive time of day? When do you do your best work?

As you can tell from the picture. I am definitely a night owl. I seemed to do my best writing and work at night. Which is literally annoying my husband to no end as he likes to snuggle at night and I am up typing away at the keyboard. I love owls as well. I think they are the most beautiful, interesting creatures of the winged variety. Next to hummingbirds that is. And the mystery and mythology surrounding them is something I can read about all the time.

I think one of the reasons I stopped blogging as much is I tried to keep to regular daytime hours to do my blogging and it just has not worked for me. So, I am going to try and blog at night after hubby has gone to sleep. Hah…but now I have to get used to being up late again.


Daily Prompt: The Artist’s Eye

Is there a painting or sculpture you’re drawn to? What does it say to you? Describe the experience. (Or, if art doesn’t speak to you, tell us why.)

Claude Monetw1850t400

Immediately I thought of Monet’s paintings. Especially the ones of the gardens and the water lilies. I have always loved the colors and temperament imbued within the painting. Calm, restful, insightful. I could imagine myself sitting by this pond and loving every minute of the quiet outdoors. The reflections in the water. The colors of the lily. Pink, white, purple. One of my favorite things to do as a child when we would go to the lake was go to one area where the water was still and shallow and the water lilies would bloom. I only picked one once and decided not to do it again as it never was as beautiful as when it was sitting on top of the water surrounded by other Lilies and the small frogs that would swim around them and sit on their broad leaves. It’s flower reflected on the surface. When I look at the painting above it brings me back to that time and it brings happy feelings and memories. His work has always resonated with me that way.

Once I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. It is an experience I will never forget and I have always wished to go back. The works of art were amazing and the impression they made have never left me. There was one work of art that was so huge, especially to a young child of 8. I wondered how the artist could have painted it in his life time. But, the best paintings were the ones by Monet. I could have sat on the bench and stared at them all day. That such works of art exist and the ability of people to create such beautiful things has always been a redeeming factor for the human race in my eyes. For as long as humans can create such beauty on canvas or in stone, clay or brick walls there is hope for us.

Daily Prompt: Generous Genies

I have thought about this post for a few days. It is a perplexing problem. I am a Genie that has been freed from my bottle. I am able to give my three wishes to anyone I wish. Who would I give them to? I have decided that I would split up my wishes. I would give one to three individuals. The wishes must be made so that they benefit mankind as a whole. I wonder who would step up to the challenge of developing a wish that would not only benefit them but all of mankind. Would they wish for world peace? Endless resources? Love and Kindness? The eradication of evil and greed? Or would no one be able to stand up and make the wish unless it specifically gives them all that they want. I think I have enough faith left in the human race to know that there are genuinely altruistic people that would come forward and create such a wish.

The Daily Prompt-Seasonal Scents

Campfire S’mores and Lemonade

What scent or scents do I associate most with Summer? The first thought was lemonade and S’Mores cooking over a campfire. The smell of sweet burned sugar and sweet lemons filling the air. I remember standing on a white sand beach by a lake in Canada under the bright stars. The quarter moon reflecting over the surface of the lake, disturbed only by the ripples caused by the chilled evening breeze. The crackle of the fire and popping wood mixed with the laughter of children as they toasted S’mores and drank lemonade from paper cups. The sweet, tang of the lemonade made even more tangy and sweet with the mix of marshmallow and chocolate.


The picture is of my grandchildren during one of our hotel stops a couple of years ago. Not a summer beach, but it is getting to be a summer tradition. Actually camping out and making memories like those above is the next step.  😀


Daily Post Photo Challenge: Room


This is the kitchen in the last house we lived in in Urbanna, Virginia. The main part of the house was built in the late 1600’s with parts being added on during the years, the kitchen being the newest of the renovations. It was originally constructed in the 1800’s. Lewis of the Lewis and Clark expedition lived there until he left for his famous trip to Oregon. I loved this kitchen. It was huge with a space big enough to put the dining room table with both leaves and 12 chairs. There wasn’t much cabinet space, but I didn’t care. The first thing I brought in the house was the small painting you see hanging on the chimney. It just seemed to fit. It was bright and cheerful. I could sit in that room and look out the windows to the inlet of the bay. You could be quiet there.

I could imagine the comings and goings through the centuries in that house. The holiday dinners, the family gatherings. The well worn stairs, the floors with the notches and scrapes from furniture and shoes walking through thresholds. All of it just added to the charm.

Gone with the Windfall Daily Prompt

“You just inherited $1,000,000 from an aunt you didn’t even know existed. What’s the first thing you buy (or otherwise use the money for)?”

The first thing I would do is pay off all of my house, student loans, car and other bills. Pay 10% to a charity or charities, if we don’t belong to a Church. Most likely it would be charities that help start businesses in poor area, support foster care, animals and the environment. The second thing I would do is to pay back anyone that has helped me in my life if I can find them all. Any remaining money would be put into a savings account and trust funds for my grandchildren. And I would help out my family members with paying some of their bills. Especially my In-laws as they have done so much for us. I know I could not sleep well if I did not try to give back for the help that I have gotten by helping others and paying what I owe.

Do we need to agree with the artist’s lifestyle and or politics to appreciate their art and or to buy it?

The Daily Post question for the day is: Do we need to agree with the artist’s lifestyle and or politics to appreciate their art and or to buy it? That is a very good question. Personally I can appreciate any work of art an artist produces just for the art itself. I don’t think of the politics or how they live at all when I am looking at a painting. Many of the classic painters like Monet, Picasso, etc had difficult personal lives, drug habits, psychiatric illnesses. Some would say that is what made the paintings so unique and beautiful was the translation of their pain, sadness and sometimes madness to the canvas. I guess where I would have a problem is buying a piece of art where I knew the money from buying it would go for a purpose that was less than ideal. This would be in terms of helping fund organizations that promote terrorism, suppression of women’s rights or the rights or children. Well human rights in general. Then I would have a problem with appreciating it or buying it. Even if was a beautiful piece of art the intentions behind it would make it the most hideous thing I could look at.