The Daily Prompt-Seasonal Scents

Campfire S’mores and Lemonade

What scent or scents do I associate most with Summer? The first thought was lemonade and S’Mores cooking over a campfire. The smell of sweet burned sugar and sweet lemons filling the air. I remember standing on a white sand beach by a lake in Canada under the bright stars. The quarter moon reflecting over the surface of the lake, disturbed only by the ripples caused by the chilled evening breeze. The crackle of the fire and popping wood mixed with the laughter of children as they toasted S’mores and drank lemonade from paper cups. The sweet, tang of the lemonade made even more tangy and sweet with the mix of marshmallow and chocolate.


The picture is of my grandchildren during one of our hotel stops a couple of years ago. Not a summer beach, but it is getting to be a summer tradition. Actually camping out and making memories like those above is the next step.  😀


Dinner and a movie

My favorite way to spend a Saturday night is a night out with my husband or my family. We all love movies and we all love to eat out. Although eating out is not as much of an option at this time due to finances, but we do like to rent movies if we can’t go see one. I love to spend time with my husband and my family more than I like to do anything else. Including a dinner and a movie thought, that is icing on the cake.