Daily Post Photo Challenge: Room


This is the kitchen in the last house we lived in in Urbanna, Virginia. The main part of the house was built in the late 1600’s with parts being added on during the years, the kitchen being the newest of the renovations. It was originally constructed in the 1800’s. Lewis of the Lewis and Clark expedition lived there until he left for his famous trip to Oregon. I loved this kitchen. It was huge with a space big enough to put the dining room table with both leaves and 12 chairs. There wasn’t much cabinet space, but I didn’t care. The first thing I brought in the house was the small painting you see hanging on the chimney. It just seemed to fit. It was bright and cheerful. I could sit in that room and look out the windows to the inlet of the bay. You could be quiet there.

I could imagine the comings and goings through the centuries in that house. The holiday dinners, the family gatherings. The well worn stairs, the floors with the notches and scrapes from furniture and shoes walking through thresholds. All of it just added to the charm.