Two and half Daisies

Two and half Daisies

Wow…I was looking at my page and realizing how many posts I had started an not finished and were sitting in my drafts box. I really do miss blogging. I am hoping that this new spurt of creative energy continues. I remember thinking when I took this picture how that one daisy, half eaten and damaged was still beautiful. Isn’t that the way it can be with people. They can look worn and damaged and still have a spiritual light. A beauty that transends what their physical appearance displays. There are so many times I feel like that daisy. Half of me missing, damaged and worn. But, I would hope that I can maintain a spiritual light that can and does transend the physical pain and the worn appearnace. I am blessed to know people who have been going through trials both physical and spiritual and come out the other side with that wonderful spiritual light. They inspire me to continue and I will do my best to do so.


Day 3 Post for Blogging 101: The Post I was Thinking About

The post I was thinking about posting when I first started my blog was pretty much exactly what I have written in both the blogs I started. I have had mixed feelings about what I have posted so far and am hoping to learn to open up and write what I want to say. To get it all out there. There are so many people that are blogging now for so many reasons. And I think it is a great thing. People are able to express what they are thinking and feeling. They are reading other people’s thoughts and feelings and getting a better of idea of the people of our world. It has been a pleasant surprise for me to see all of the people from around the world blogging. When we read each other’s blogs and read what other people in other lands are thinking and feeling you can see that we are truly all the same. We want the same things; like happiness, security, love, appreciation, compassion and understanding. And most of all the freedom to express ourselves and be who we want to be. Those were some of the first thoughts I had when I started blogging. To be able to express myself. To find my creative side and open up to the possibilities that writing can afford to me in a personal way as well as a creative way. I am looking forward to meeting many new people and exchanging ideas and stories.

Blogging 101 Why I am here

I have been blogging for about two months now and am only just starting figure this all out. I have two blogs. “Because I can..” are stories of my life, dealing with depression, weight loss, fibromyalgia and chronic pain, anecdotes, inspirational quotes and inspirational stories. I would like people to be inspired to continue working toward their goals of self improvement, self enlightenment and hope. It is difficult sometimes to remain positive with all that I have had happen in my life and the pain I am in in my current life. I was told once that I was a person whose life was full of excuses and that I concentrated on the negative. I have consciously worked towards making my life more positive and to take responsibility for what I do. Self-determination, Self-reliance and spiritual growth are all very important not to just me, but to many people in order to find fulfillment in their lives. I hope to show people that they can do it. Because they can do it.

The other blog is about the time I spend Volunteering with DocUp an organization that helps people financially with utilities and rent. But, they are looking to expand their services in other areas as well. Such as job hunting and resume’ workshops. In the Volunteering blog I hope to inspire people to get out there and volunteer, not just with DocUp, but with any organization that helps their community and their fellow man. There are many projects people can do to help each other and their community. Time can be more valuable than money. Though money is important in funding these organizations, the time you spend helping others doesn’t just pay it towards the person you are helping, but pays it towards the growth of you as a person. 

I hope you can look at my blog and let me know what you think. I look forward to reading as many of the posts as I can and give feedback. So many talented people out there with amazing talents and stories. No one person’s story is any less important or undeserving to be told than another’s and I am looking forward to reading about them.