He’s so fine

What was it about my husband that drew me to him? We actually “met” online on Yahoo personals. I was actually getting ready to delete my profile when I saw a response from him. I don’t remember what his picture looked like, I don’t think there was one. What attracted me was his post about Halloween. We both love that holiday and Christmas is a close second. At the time he was also feeling out some Pagan/Wiccan leanings and I found that very interesting. As well as the fact he was helping the Chaplain on board his ship with Catholic Mass. I thought this all made for an intriguing combination. When we did eventually talk he had a very rich, nice tenor voice. He was and still is a great listener. So, I guess the first thing that attracted me to my husband was his mind and then his voice. As he talked me through the very rough time of finally breaking off with my then husband (as saga best left untold and the best thing that happened to me) and moving across country from San Diego to Virginia he talked to me. He would call me and talk me through the rough patches. I finally made it to Virginia on December 22nd in the morning. We met that evening at WalMart-because I knew where that was, and we have never been separated voluntarily since.