Day 16 Post for Zero to Hero “Ring of Fire”

I tend to avoid spicy food. I love food with flavor and a mild kick, but I cannot tolerate really spicy food. Adding too much heat to the dish can actually spoil the other subtle flavors in the food. I do like various curries and I love a bloomin Onion from Outback I just have to be prepared for the results the next day. Heart burn and more often than not trips to the bathroom. But, if the food is good I don’t mind so much. When I cook I specifically look for recipes that a nice combination of herbs and spices. I have been trying to cook more foods that work in the Glycemic Index diet and cut way back on processed carbs. I do feel healthier and have enjoyed the flavors that come from cooking with fresh herbs and spices.

I did get tricked into eating a really hot pepper one time, hot enough to blister my tongue. I have since learned that I will never eat another “pepper” that I didn’t pick out myself. Lol..the funny thing was, initially the flavor was pretty good. After a few seconds though I was crying and looking for water which didn’t help. I ended up drinking two glasses of milk and suffering through three days of heart burn. So, no spicy, spicy food for me.