Hopefully Back

I know it has been a long time since I have been back. I have missed reading up on all the wonderful and some not so wonderful lives and experiences of the people that have blessed me with their “follows”. I am looking forward to catching up. I still have one more heavy duty class, but it should be easier to manage.

I have had so many changes in the last couple of months. My stepdaughter moved in with her 10 month old baby. My daughter and her husband moved back in because they lost their jobs in layoffs, and my son has moved back in as well. The Inn is full. Luckily my daughter found work and hoping her husband hears something soon.

My son and I are both going to a job fair tomorrow. I am hoping to get my resume beefed up and get some interviews tomorrow as well. With so many people in the house extra income is needed. But, even with all the hectic run around and turbulence I am actually feeling somewhat content. All my little chicks back in the nest for a time and I am happy I can help out. Times are tough and they may get tougher. But I have my family, even with the troubles and irritations, family is what matters most, at least to me. And as long as I can help out I will.

Thank you to all of you who have begun following me, even when I wasn’t “home” and to all of those who have stuck around. Hugs and Love.