A Message To The Church of The Hurting

I really liked what he has to say. There are times when I see myself as a vase that has so many cracks in it that it can barely hold water much less hold it’s shape. But, I keep filling the cracks and the holes with the help of the Lord and with often the help of those around me and most of all with the help of myself. As long as I wake up and stand up, even though it may be shaky. I make the glue stronger and the fractures a little less.

john pavlovitz

Everyone you meet is broken.

Whether you realize it or not, every single day you rub shoulders with people in great pain.

They are among the growing multitude of walking wounded in your midst, many presently laboring as they try to take that most excruciating of steps: the next one.

Most of them don’t wear their damage so that it can be easily seen, though. To be vulnerable like that is to risk further injury, and so they gradually learn to conceal and cover the tender, throbbing, torn-up parts of themselves from others. Though they surely suffer in the solitude and silence, at least there they find some illusion of control, some measure of safety.

And if you aren’t really looking closely as they cross your path, you might likely mistake them for the confident, together, secure, unaffected people that they so desperately want to be seen as. You might well be fooled by their carefully crafted veneers of success…

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Retired Navy Cardiovascular Technician/Respiratory Therapist. Wife, mother, grandmother.

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