Actually did it!


I am on Day 3 of the NaNoWriMo and I actually have 5 pages done. Hopefully will be working on this some more once I get this work project done today. I am still terrified, but I really need to try and do this. Good luck to any and all who are also doing this. :D. I hope to make new friends and have a great new experience.



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Retired Navy Cardiovascular Technician/Respiratory Therapist. Wife, mother, grandmother.

12 thoughts on “Actually did it!”

  1. I am attempting to focus this month and get some serious work done on a novel I have worked on for almost 3 years now. Congratulations on your accomplishment!! WHOOHOO!!! Keep going!!!

      1. I sure hope so. So far, not doing so good. I worked one night this week and have been stuck ever since! So frustrating! I did find you on the novel dashboard. I was excited about that!!

      1. It looks like they changed things this year. There’s a little bar across the top right hand corner. In the middle of that bar is the place where you enter your word count manually and click on update.

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